Mandala Exchange Review

2023-06-07 Patryk Chodyniecki

Mandala Exchange is decentralizing an innovative confidence on an industry-leading exchange that has revolutionized how people buy and trade cryptocurrencies. Launched with the vision to democratize financial markets, Mandala emphasizes the benefits of decentralization while instilling confidence in its users by providing secure and transparent operations. With an impressive trading volume, Mandala is recognized as one of the world’s most active crypto exchanges. This is a testament to traders’ confidence in this industry-leading exchange.

What is Mandala Exchange?

Mandala Exchange is a leading digital currency trading platform with the world’s largest capabilities regarding trading liquidity. Mandala is an excellent choice if you are about to dive into the world of trading or are looking for a new and more advanced way of investing. You can trade hundreds of digital assets on the platform itself simply and intuitively. Here is all the important information to start investing and trading various cryptocurrency products on the Mandala Exchange platform.

Why should you trade on Mandala Exchange in 2023?

Trading cryptocurrencies is not easy, but if properly guided, it can bring significant profits. There are several factors to consider before starting this kind of activity. One of the most important aspects for a trader is to choose a platform that offers the best benefits, tools and opportunities for successful trading. Many such sites are on the market, but Mandala stands out as the platform that provides the deepest and most reliable system for both beginners and experienced users. Here are the three most important key aspects that set Mandala apart from other leading platforms.

  • Compliance – Compliance is Mandala Exchange’s top priority. It is standardized with the highest legal and regulatory standards as a global exchange for digital assets. As a result, investors can be assured of the safety and security of their assets. In addition, Mandala boasts of being the first Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliant exchange.
  • Security – Mandala Exchange utilizes the state-of-the-art security infrastructure of Binance Cloud, a well-established and well-established cryptocurrency exchange with an impressive volume of transactions. This integration provides robust security measures within the Mandala platform, protecting users’ transactions and assets.
  • Liquidity – Through its partnership with Binance Cloud, Mandala Exchange benefits from the extensive liquidity provided by Binance. Users can expect access to the largest liquidity pool available on the market, allowing them to trade and invest in hundreds of digital assets.

In summary, Mandala Exchange distinguishes itself by adhering to regulations, implementing top-notch security protocols and providing access to significant liquidity. These factors make it an exceptional choice for those looking for a professional and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform.

Mandala Exchange on android and IOS

Using mobile apps, you can trade on the Mandala Exchange platform anywhere and anytime. The downloadable software allows you to trade cryptocurrencies on Mandala Exchange, track assets and buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a simple and intuitive interface on mobile devices. No matter where you are, you can continue trading on the Mandala platform around the clock. The app’s latest version is available for Android and iOS users.

How to create an account on Mandala Exchange?

It is time to create an account if you are convinced that Mandala is the right choice. The process is simple and quick, and once it’s complete, you can start trading your chosen digital assets. If you want to start trading on the Mandala exchange, follow the instructions below. 

First of all, click on this link registration link-> click. 

Then you will see the screen below. Fill in your email and password here:


After completing the required registration fields, click the green “Register” button at the bottom of the card. Mandala may ask you to match the puzzle below. Move it to fit the space. 

Mandala 2

You will receive an email to your mailbox with instructions on verifying your email address. When you receive the email enter the code into the box below: 

Mandala 3

You have just completed the registration process.  Once complete, you can return to the Mandala website, log in, and use the platform.

How to deposit money on the Mandala exchange?

To deposit money on the Mandala exchange, follow the instructions below: Visit Mandala’s official website and click the “Buy Crypto and enter the MoonPay section.”

Wplata srodkow

You can deposit your fiat (traditional) currency or cryptocurrency, or pair the two to purchase the cryptocurrencies of your choice. The minimum deposit amount is:

  • 30 euros
  • 30 dollars etc. 

The minimum amount to be deposited, the currency to be deposited and the one you will receive appears here:


Then click -> Continue. 

Then the following window will appear. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Confirm”. 


At this point you will be redirected to the MoonPay wallet. 

How to deposit funds to the Mandala exchange using MoonPay?

Once you have selected the Buy Crypto section and then MoonPay, the following window will appear:



Fill in the currency you want to spend and the one you want to receive. When you click the ,,continue” button you will be redirected to the MoonPay website. Enter your email address here: 



Then confirm your account with the code you will receive by email and accept the terms and conditions below and press Continue:  


  1. Fill in your first name, last name, date of birth and country:Mandala
  2. Fill in your residence details:
  3. Then complete your VISA card details and give continue:
  4. Then a window will appear with the purchase of cryptocurrency and your card details. Accept the payment and then click Confirm Order.  Now wait a few minutes for the funds to be credited:

After a few minutes you will receive an e mail message that your Mandala account has been credited with funds. 

How to check the balance of my account on the Mandala Exchange? 

To check the balance of funds on the Mandala Exchange, click on Deposit:  



Your account balance is located under the section:

Recent Deposit History. 

How to buy Bitcoin on the Mandala exchange?

To buy Bitcoin on the Mandala exchange, go to the section, Trade Now”. 


Then below, you see the BTC rate and the amount of BTC you are buying. Move the slider to the right and choose how much of your capital you want to buy Bitcoin for. Then click “Buy BTC. 


And there you go! At this point you have made a purchase of Bitcoin on the Mandala exchange. 

How to withdraw funds from the Mandala exchange?

In order to withdraw funds from the Mandala exchange, click here:

Wypłata BTC

Then select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. In my case, it will be bitcoin. Determine the network you want to use, enter the amount and address of the wallet where you want the money to go and the withdrawal amount. Click , “Submit. 

Wypłata BTC z Mandali

At this point you should see a message to verify your account. This helps ensure security. Verification of the account is done by google, or by sms code. 


When you click sms authentication, the following window appears. At this point, I entered my phone number and asked to get the code on my phone. I had to enter the sms code and ask for the code for email. I entered both of them in these places: 



And I clicked the “Get Code” section. Then press “Confirm”. From this point, we have 2FA verification. Therefore, we go to the Wallet -> Withdraw section again. We set the withdrawal parameters and approve the transaction by getting and entering the codes according to the previous step. That’s it! 

Mandala Exchange fees 

Trading Fee on the Mandala exchange are related to transactions, withdrawals, and deposits, which depend on the specific cryptocurrency and network. The full fee schedule for each cryptocurrency is available directly on the platform. We can find on the Mandala website that the basic spot transaction fee is 0.10%. Users who block their MDX for 30 days can receive up to a 35% discount, reducing the total transaction fee to 0.065%.

Is the Mandala Exchange platform secure?

Mandala Exchange is considered secure because it uses the Binance Cloud platform. In addition, funds are secured by SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users), an insurance fund in emergencies. Mandala regularly conducts penetration tests to identify areas for improvement. Through such endeavors, it protects the platform’s overall infrastructure. Traders’ accounts are also secured through two-step authentication (2FA). In short, Mandala Exchange takes care of the safety of its users through the use of advanced technologies and security measures, providing them with confidence and peace of mind when using the platform.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mandala Exchange and MDX coin


  • No fees for depositing funds. You can freely deposit funds to the platform without incurring additional costs.
  • Mandala has an official token called MDXT, which offers additional features and benefits to users.
  • The platform is designed in a beginner-friendly way, which means that it is easy to get oriented and start trading, even for those who are not too familiar with the cryptocurrency market.
  • Mandala Exchange provides support from agents who are available to help users with any questions or problems.


  • Mandala Exchange offers only a small portfolio of products, which means that the choice of cryptocurrencies available for trading may be limited compared to other platforms.
  • There is also a particular emphasis on the MDXT token, which may suggest that other cryptocurrencies may be less promoted or less available on the platform.
  • In summary, Mandala has many advantages, such as no fees for depositing Wednesdays, beginner friendliness, and support from agents. However, the limited product portfolio and the particular emphasis on the MDXT token can be considered disadvantages that should be taken into account when using the platform.

What is an MDX token?

The Mandala token or MDX token ( called “mandala exchange token ) is a proprietary and utility token offered by Mandala Exchange. You can use it for various trading features, such as contests, exotic order types, fee reductions, and access to trading bots. The market cap today is 2,087,046 dollars. The token price is 0.007742 USD (source: coinmarketcap)

Mandala Exchange reviews 

Like any platform, Mandala has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are user reviews of Mandala Exchange: 

  1. ,,Mandala is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange. Despite the fact that information on the exchange is available on the internet and on the official website, I was unable to locate any information about the exchange’s creation date or location. First and foremost, I hope that officials would post further information on the exchange on the official website or on social media. The exchange’s goal is enormous and ideal. Mandala aspires to be the most reliable and largest cryptocurrency exchange on the market, and it works hard to achieve this goal” […]
  2. ,,Hello there. My review will be on Mandala today. Mandala is one of the recently created crypto exchanges. Although information about the exchange is available on the internet and on the official site, I could not find any information regarding the creation date and where it was created. First, I hope that the officials will share more information about the exchange on the official site or social media. The target of the exchange is huge and perfect. Mandala aims to be the most trusted and largest crypto exchange on the market and does its best for this. Thanks to these exchange partners, which are constantly being updated, it gains more customers every day. Partnering with big companies like Binance, I think, guarantees the future of this exchange […]
  3. hasactally become my favorit exhange to date, and I am a serial exchange tester (I have accountson a dozen exchanges). Mandala has some of the lowest minimum withdawal amounts on BSC which I use quite a bit, and low fees as well. The low minimum withdawal amount is important to me as a small retail investor. There are TONS of trading pairs on this app with a lotof small cap coins you might only expect to find on KuCoin […]


The platform’s trading volume represents a significant part of the global liquidity pool in the world of cryptocurrencies, solidifying Mandala place as a critical marketplace for digital assets. Mandala also introduced a unique offering to its platform: the “Mandala Exchange Token.” This token is a new form of crypto-asset that enables users to unlock special features on the platform, such as rebates on transaction fees, increasing the overall user experience and usability of the platform. Users can also opt to lock their tokens for a specific period, providing them with additional benefits and encouraging long-term participation in the Mandala community. The Mandala Exchange Token’s price chart can be easily accessed on the platform, providing real-time insights into token price trends. These charts enable users to make informed decisions on when to buy and trade, significantly enhancing their potential for profitable investments. Beyond just trading, Mandala has also established a rewarding affiliate program (by affiliate links). This initiative allows users to earn passive income by inviting others to join the platform, further promoting the spread of crypto-trading and bolstering the continuous growth of the Mandala ecosystem. In conclusion, Mandala Cryptocurrency Exchange stands as an industry-leading exchange platform with access to a robust suite of trading tools and features. It provides users with the means to trade cryptocurrency with confidence while also contributing to the largest liquidity pool in the world. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice to the world of cryptocurrency, Mandala Exchange offers a secure, efficient, and profitable platform for all your trading needs.


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